Condiments and Plushy Reddit Gifts Exchange

This month I’ve taken part in two more Reddit Gift Exchanges; the condiments exchange and the plushy exchange. Here are the two gifts I received:

1. Condiments Exchange


For the condiments exchange I received a mayonnaise product by Mr Vikki’s, it’s a hot chili mayonnaise and although I’m not usually a fan of anything spicy, it was actually pretty nice, I guess the mayonnaise cooled it down.

2. Plushy Exchange


For the plushy exchange (a bit girly right?) I received a companion cube plush which is pretty awesome if you ask me. I don’t have much to say about a plush but I’m over the moon with the one they got me!

My Reddit Gift Exchanges So Far

Hey, just making a quick blog post to show off some awesome gifts I have received from my very generous exchange partners over at reddit gifts.

Secret Santa 2012

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Mug


Coffee and Tea Exchange 2013

Espresso Maker


Book Exchange 2013

Great Ideas Books


Fantasy Exchange 2013

Bullet Belt


T-Shirt Exchange 2013

Creeper T-Shirt and THQ Humble Bundle


Manga Exchange 2013

Drawing of Dragonite from Pokemon


Blue Exorcist and Full Metal Alchemist


I have had some truly awesome gifts from very generous redditors. A huge thank you to anyone that has gifted me so far and to those I have gifted, I hope you’ve enjoyed your gifts as much as I have.