Runescape 3 Double XP Weekend Gains 17-02-2017

Hey guys, just writing a quick post to show everyone what I’ve been up to today during the first day of the Double XP weekend on RS3.

I’ve been back to RS3 for just over a month, maybe 2 months after a 4 year break. A lots changed and it’s been a bit of a learning curve trying to work out what’s the best way to train skills now. “No rock crabs?”, “What in the world are Portables” and “How do I even combat?” have been just a few questions I’ve asked since returning.

feinraf closeup 14th jan 2017

Thanks to everyone over in the Gaming Heavens Discord for helping me out when I was too lazy to RS Wiki or couldn’t find the answer especially GC20 Amber, Cabbage God, XP Engineer, Banunu and Draga!

If you’d like to join our Discord, please use the invite link below. We’re a bunch of adult gamer’s who have been friends for close to 10 years across different websites, games and voice servers. Somehow we’re all still talking and now Discord is our humble home.

gaming heavens website


Started the weekend off by buying and using 500 Airut bones which got me from 54 to 64 Prayer.


I also got my Herblore up from 62 to 70 by cleaning all of the herbs I’d saved up and then making Super Strength Potions. In hindsight I should have pre-made all of the Kwuarm potions (unfinished) before DXP as I spent half of my Herblore time gaining 3XP per unfinished potion which is a complete waste of DXP but you learn from your mistakes! I also should have bought my Limpwurt Roots before today too as I ended up spending close to 8k per one! (Bad planning! Who’d have thought the Grand Exchange would have stopped selling them?)

Speaking of mistakes, it was at level 69 herblore I realised I’d forgotten to put my Botanist clothing items on while doing Herblore and I forgot to put my First Age Tiara on while doing Prayer so I’d wasted some XP there too. Doh!


I absolutely hate thieving, I tried to level it last week a little by pickpocketing farmers in Draynor and stealing from Stalls in Ardougne as that’s how I remembered levelling years ago. After a bit of last minute Googling last night, I found out that there are some chests / gates in the Thieving basement in Lumbridge which give some pretty decent XP so I decided to give them a go today and I’ve levelled from 55 to 60 Thieving.

feinraf gets 60 thieving


Mining is a skill I’ve never really gotten into, for those of you who have known me a while will know I’m all about skills rather than combat but since I’ve came back, I’m starting to enjoy combat more than some skills. Mining is so slow and boring and the only way to truly train it fast is to drop all of your ore which I have always hated doing. I was hoping I’d come back and it would have changed but no, it hasn’t. I levelled from 61 to 62 doing Iron/Coal/Silver/Mithril. I had planned just sticking to iron and dropping but I got so bored so fast I had to keep moving to different parts of the cave just to keep sane. I ended on Mithril just so I could go back to the bank after gaining one level feeling like I’d at least came out with something more substantial than iron ore.

If anyone can suggest a new way of levelling mining I may not be aware of please do tell me! It’s a skill I really want to level up but I can’t stand.


Crafting was another skill I’d planned on doing more of than I did today. I’d planned on spinning flax to bowstring on a Portable Crafter or cutting uncut emeralds on a portable crafter until I tried to spin flax and realised you can’t.. More bad planning! I then tried to find the gem interface and whenever I clicked on the portable crafter with uncut gems in my inventory, it said “You have nothing to craft” so I assumed yet again that you couldn’t craft them. It turns out you can cut gems with a portable crafter but to do so you need to right click the uncut gem, hit use and then click on the crafter to open the interface, which is completely different to every other portable so that frustrated me a little bit as I had already used several emeralds before I realised.

Similarly, I came across another annoyance when cleaning herbs using a portable crafter, normally when using a portable you can just click it and it opens on the correct screen automatically, not with cleaning herbs – it still opens on the potions screen and you need to manually click. Not too annoying but it’s a bit odd.

Both of these small issues should be fixed I think. Back to crafting, I got from level 64 to 68.


I’ve been fishing pretty much solid for the last 2 weeks, I haven’t been on much so haven’t levelled very well but the way I play Runescape suits fishing as I like to AFK play, whether I’m browsing reddit/social media or watching Netflix, it’s an easy skill to train on my other monitor. It’s the same reason I used to love woodcutting/cooking/fletching – but they’re all at 99 now. I got from 76 to 77.


After I’d trained most of the skills I’d wanted to train somewhat today, I needed a break from skilling and thought I’d try and advance some of my combat levels. I’m not a huge fan of combat but as mentioned above I am starting to enjoy it more than I did several years back. I got from level 63 Constitution to 65, from level 67 Attack to 70 and from level 62 Defence to 64.

feinraf gets 65 constitution


So overall, I’ve gained a massive 36 levels today and 1.4 million XP. See the below image for a full list of gainz.

feinraf gainz 17th feb 2017

Thanks so much for reading, hopefully I’ll keep this blog updated a bit more regularly with gaming posts.

~Feinraf / Chris