Runescape 3 Double XP Weekend Gains 18-02-2017

Hello again guys, what’s happening? Here’s day 2 of my Double XP Weekender.


I decided to start my day going back to Herblore and aim for 75. I’d like to get all of my skills to at least level 70 and then try and get all of the Plagues End Skills to 75 so I can get to Prif as everyone on Gaming Heavens Discord never shuts up about it! Knowing my luck as soon as I actually get the levels there will be something new and exciting out which I can’t access. Here are my skills below vs what is needed for Plagues End.

Agility – 52 / 75
Construction – 51 / 75
Crafting – 68 / 75
Dungeoneering – 48 / 75
Herblore – 75 / 75
Mining – 62 / 75
Prayer – 64 / 75
Range – 54 / 75
Summoning – 51 / 75
Woodcutting – 99/75

So back to Herblore, I thought I may as well aim for 75 Herblore this weekend since it’s rather expensive to train. Also, when I first logged into the game this morning, I was greeted with a “You have finished buying 702 limpwurt roots”, when I was buying them yesterday I must have inputted the purchase twice and never realised (no idea how I managed this as I went to the GE multiple times throughout yesterday) so I had an extra 702 limpwurt roots.

I didn’t make the same mistake as yesterday and I put my Botanist mask and gloves on straight away before I made my way to the Portable Well. I got to 75 from 70.

feinraf gets 71 herblore on runescape 3


After Herblore, I started smithing by making Cannonballs. I initially thought this would be an excellent way of gaining XP but quickly realised that it would be the opposite. An inventory of Cannonballs takes just under 4 minutes to complete. Even on double xp I was only getting 1503xp per inventory. That said I continued making Cannonballs as I enjoy being able to AFK skill and it was coming up to 3pm when the football was about to start. I got from 55 to 58 Smithing.

feinraf gets 58 smithing on runescape 3


I wanted to get to 60 Runecrafting this weekend. Not happening – after 30 trips to the fire altar I’m level 51 from 50, woo!

feinraf gets 51 runecrafting on runescape


So today I had the “pleasure” of learning about Poutine (thanks Amber). Cheese Curds? Cheese and Gravy? That just sounds really horrid to me. I like gravy on chips, cheese and chips is for Mackems, but together – ew. But, as Amber says “Don’t knock it until you’ve been to Canada and tried it”.


Decided to train summoning during this weekend to as it’s rather expensive and I don’t really care for it as a skill. I bought a ton of shards and gold rings and made some magpie pouches with green shards I discovered in my bank. I don’t do much combat and I used all of my gold ones last month. I’m saving my blue ones for higher levels as suggested by the guys in the Gaming Heavens discord. I got from level 51 to 57 summoning today.

feinraf gets 57 summoning on runescape 3

Back to Smithing

I went back to smithing canonballs at this point as I needed to do ironing, cook tea and clean up the flat. Got to level 62.

feinraf gets 62 smithing on runescape 3

Whispur’s Computer Fund

A lot of you reading this will know Draga (Whispur) and know that she’s a very talented video maker, gamer and artist. She’s been gaming for years and a has made a lot of good friends through gaming. She’s one of those people which makes your Ventrilo server beat. Her computer has been on the blink for a while but a couple of days ago it died completely. A few friends have tried to patch it up with various hardware parts but it’s not working fully. Cassy has set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise some money to get Whispur a new computer. Please consider donating anything at all. Thanks!

whispur pc is a potato

Finishing up with Combat

Decided to end the night doing a small amount of Defence, got from 64 to 65. Hoping to get to 70 Defence tomorrow and then maybe train up strength as high as I can get it. I want to be level 100 combat so I can use the 3rd tier boat in Pest Control as I love playing the minigame but it’s rare to find anyone playing in the lower 2 tiers.

feinraf gets 65 defence on runescape 3

World Factions

A quick one before I leave, if you haven’t already please check out a game I’m working on with a couple of friends, it’s Called World Factions and it’s an upcoming MMORPG, the best way to follow us is on our facebook page.

world factions shop work in progress wip

Well that’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. Finishing up the images with my Runescape Gainz.

feinraf runescape gainz 18-02-17

See you tomorrow!

~Feinraf / Chris