World of Warcraft: Moved to US

I’ve officially moved over to the US servers on World of Warcraft, obviously I still have my EU characters but I don’t plan on playing on them very often, maybe just if me and Ossy decide to make a video of some kind.

The reason I’ve moved across is because the majority of people I know who play are from the US or play on the US servers so it makes way more sense.

Draga FireHawk sent me a recruit a friend link so we’ve been levelling a chracter together, I named it Feinraf and it’s a Shaman as that’s what I played the majority of the time on EU. We get awesome XP rates playing together so I’ve only been levelling that one when we play together.

I’m currently level 38 on that. The gear, it’s so ugly! Since me and Draga have been levelling so quickly, our gear hasn’t quite caught up, we’ve found that in certain parts of dungeons our gear has been really bad and therefore we’ve died quicker than expected but overall we’ve got through them pretty easily.

Draga has been playing as Tank and I’ve been playing as Healer so we’ve queued for dungeons fairly quickly.

The second character I’ve made is a Paladin which is currently level 24 and named Talthorian. I’ve never played a Paladin before but I’m enjoying it, just playing through this on my own when Draga isn’t online.

Hopefully this is the first of many World of Warcraft related posts.