The Road to Prif (24/02/2018)

It’s DXP weekend again and again I haven’t prepared for it, even less than the last time! It’s Saturday evening so only got a day and a half left and to be honest I’ve had a pretty relaxed weekend where I’ve actually enjoyed the playing the game.

Started off by doing some fishing on Friday and got 1 level. Then a friend of mine started using their protein gear so I decided to use mine too. Alongside portables, I got several crafting levels which took me to my goal of 75 and I used the bars to get me to 74 smithing, got to 75 with some steel bars I had in my bank. Used some planks to get a couple of levels in construction and some energy to get me a couple of levels in divination.

I also did a dungeon for the first time in a long long time with Ross, Cassy and Draga which got me to 50 dungeoneering and today I did my first two sinkholes (I’d never actually heard of them) my friend Bratty told me how to complete them. I actually got a nice amount of dungeoneering experience form a large lamp which took me to level 51.


As it stands here are are the requirements, green = complete, orange = in progress, red = haven’t started. Simple.

– Making History

    – The Restless Ghost

    – Priest in Peril

– Catapult Construction

    – Regicide

– Within the Light

    – Mourning’s Ends Part II

        – Mourning’s Ends Part I

– Big Chompy Bird Hunting

            – Sheep Herder

            – Roving Elves

                – Waterfall Quest

                – Regicide

                    – Underground Pass

                        – Biohazard

                            – Plague City

58/75 Construction

51/75 Dungeoneering

55/75 Agility

75 Crafting

75 Herblore

63/75 Mining

75 Prayer

75 Summoning

50 Thieving

70 Fletching

75 Woodcutting

30 Cooking

40 Smithing

I spent some time at Barbarian Outpost agility course with Bratty too before moving to Brimhaven and getting roughly 45 tickets and completing some sort of task, not sure what it was which required 30 tickets in a row.

Right now I’m mining iron and mithril in falador mines, going to keep going as high a level as I can but I really hate the skill so not sure I’ll stick it out to 75. One thing that’s made it easier is Bratty has shown me where a deposit box is! I’ve actually mined here loads and never realised it was there. (Mixing things up a bit and uploading a gif above! I’m still getting used to the software, not too sure why it made me drag twice so you can see a little box at the beginning).

At the end of my last blog post I was chopping Mahogany logs in Karamja with the aim of making planks to level up construction to 75. Once I finish mining I’m going to move back to the logs I got from Karamja, make them into planks and keep going with my goal of 75 construction.