The Road to Prif (24/02/2018) – Part 2

Following on from my last post, I’ve been skilling some more, I continued mining until I hit level 64 which is a pretty pathetic attempt I know but I just hate the skill so much, it gets boring very fast.

Went back to bank and realised I had more protean packs, opened them all and ended up with 750 protean planks so I went back to my POH and made a load of Mahogany dining tables.

Got a lot of levels and ended on about 67 I think, didn’t want to give up on getting to 75 otherwise it’s going to cost a lot more if I try after DXP weekend so I went and got some Mahogany planks made, bought some more from the GE and went back to grinding Mahogany dining tables before realising it was easier to AFK and less bank trips to do Mahogany armchairs, plus they conveniently make 26 armchairs from 2 trips so it’s nicer math.

Here’s another nice little gif I made.

While I was making armchairs, the Detroit Red Wings game started so I put that on while I skill.

Shortly after putting the game on I started losing my sanity a bit doing armchairs as they take a lot longer so I went back to Mahogany dining room tables, make your mind up Feinraf!

Conveniently while doing construction I also found a funny image on reddit r/runescape. I guess a lot of other people are doing construction too during DXP.

Took a quick break from Construction as I opened my treasure hunter chests and got more protean memory so I quickly opened those and got another 1 level in divination which took me to 59, close to 60.

I got 2 strange rocks today from Construction, and had 2 from hunter and 2 from runecrafting in my bank so I also placed them on the statue in varrok museum for around 5k experience per skill .

As I write this final paragraph, it’s 2am so I’m not going to complete my goal of 75 construction tonight but will be more than enough time to do it tomorrow. I’ll finish this post with an overview of my skills progress (won’t include quests this time as it hasn’t changed) and then a quick table of my gainz.

73/75 Construction

51/75 Dungeoneering

55/75 Agility

75 Crafting

75 Herblore

64/75 Mining

75 Prayer

75 Summoning

50 Thieving

70 Fletching

75 Woodcutting

30 Cooking

40 Smithing

Thanks for reading!