75 Treasure Hunter Keys

Today I purchased 75 Treasure Hunter Keys in Runescape, they cost £13.99 and I opened them straight away taking note of what I received to get a rough idea on what £13.99 gets you (mainly in xp).

Obviously this will differ completely on the account, for example before I started I used some hearts of ice to freeze all of my 99’s so I didn’t get any xp in those as I’m not interested in that. Also, it’s level dependent so the higher the level the more xp you get so yours may vary slightly.

I’ll start off with the items I got which aren’t worth any money or xp such as clothing.

Saphire Golem Torso, Diviners Footwear, Fletchers Legwear.

I also got 450 Vibrant energy which I find hard to work out the xp rate for, I think it’s worth just over 1k xp but it depends what you use it for. I’ll probably use it to put it towards creating a boon (costs 1000) which gives 10% bonus xp which is more useful.

The rest of the items either have an xp value, a gp value or both (such as mahogany logs are worth gp but you can use them on construction to give 140xp per plank.

The table below shows a full breakdown.

Mining has a significantly higher amount of XP as I used all of my global lamps/stars/chaos tombs on it as that is the skill I’m currently needing to level up to get into prif. I didn’t actually get any xp boosts for mining otherwise.

So the highlights of this are £13.99 got me:

402,217.5 XP and 170,549 GP (this assumes I use the items for xp rather than selling)


384,655 XP and 290,499 GP (this assumes I sell all items rather than use the applicable ones for XP gain)

Thanks for reading!