The Road to Prif (18/01/2018)

Today marks the start of my journey to gaining access to Prifddinas in Runescape.

Although I already have some of the requirements ticked off, these were all prior to wanting access to prif.

As it stands here are are the requirements, green = complete, orange = in progress, red = haven’t started. Simple.

– Making History

    – The Restless Ghost

    – Priest in Peril

– Catapult Construction

    – Regicide

– Within the Light

    – Mourning’s Ends Part II

        – Mourning’s Ends Part I

– Big Chompy Bird Hunting

            – Sheep Herder

            – Roving Elves

                – Waterfall Quest

                – Regicide

                    – Underground Pass

                        – Biohazard

                            – Plague City

51/75 Construction

48/75 Dungeoneering

53/75 Agility

70/75 Crafting

75 Herblore

62/75 Mining

70/75 Prayer

75 Summoning


I actually only got 75 summoning this week so it’s fairly new to the list.

Right now I’m chopping Mahogany logs in Karamja with the aim of making planks to level up construction to 75.