The Road to Prif (25/02/2018)

Started off today with a spot of fishing, hit level 83 and moved back to constructing Mahogany Dining Room Tables. Only 800 planks to go to hit level 75! Spent so much money getting these last 10 levels, about 7mill I think.

After only about an hour, I hit 75!

Next I decided to go and train mining again, it’s my highest level of the 3 remaining skills and for me, it’s probably the least boring although I haven’t played enough dungeoneering to work out if I like it yet. Got to level 65 mining, mainly from iron ore in Falador mines but I also mined 3 coal divine rocks too which is where I actually hit the level.

On Friday when I played some dungeoneering with friends, the xp rate even on double xp weekend was poor and slow for me.

As I write this I’m waiting on my new wireless gaming headset arriving from Amazon. Years ago with Prime, Amazon used to use DPD for next day delivery and you’d get a text around 8am with a one hour timeslot from DPD, name of the driver, brilliant service. But for the last year or two they’ve been using Amazon Logistics which is still a good service but compared to their old method with DPD, it’s just not the same. There’s no tracking information whatsoever, no morning text and you have to wait in all day from 8am to 9pm.

Also, out of the last 5 deliveries I’ve had for next day prime, they’ve said next day at the point of order, they’ve even text me to say “your order has been dispatched and will be delivered tomorrow (DATE).” – brilliant! But then the next day it’s been getting postponed to the day after. I rang Amazon about it and at first they denied it but I forwarded them the emails I had and screenshots and texts and they eventually apologised about lying to me on the phone and said their was dispatch issues, but this happned 3 times in a row.

Hopefully Amazon can continue to improve their logistics side and offer detailed tracking on normal prime deliveries in the same way they do for prime now deliveries which even includes map of where the van is and which drop number you are.

Anyway, back to Runescape!

Another friend of mine has told me about Lava Flow Mines in Keldagrim which are a good method to afk mine, which is definitely my preferred method of training, it’s slower but I prefer to do a skill while I watch Netflix or do some web design or write these blog posts. I need 68 mining (another 3 levels) and 77 strength (another 3 levels) then I can start the quest required.

Got another fishing level today and did some divination with a friend (Bratty) who taught me about entering the rifts and creating divine locations and such which was cool. Got to level 61.

Done a small amount of Agility had barbarian outpost and got level 57 before moving back to fishing while I write quests for our upcoming MMORPG game World Factions.

51/75 Dungeoneering

57/75 Agility

65/75 Mining

75 Construction

75 Crafting

75 Herblore

75 Prayer

75 Summoning

50 Thieving

70 Fletching

75 Woodcutting

30 Cooking

40 Smithing